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We are conducting all type of concrete mix design with checking with respect to checking and verification of property of concrete ingredient as per Indian standards/relative specifications etc. It should be economical, durable and workable.

We provide tests on following types of concrete:

  1. Ordinary Concrete
  2. High-grade concrete
  3. Self-leveling self-compacting concrete(SLSC)
  4. Dry Lean Concrete(DLC)
  5. Pavement Quality Concrete(PQC)
  6. Early Strength Concrete
  7. Pumpable Concrete & more.....
Sr No.
Sample Size required
Minimum Time Reuqured
Tests As Per Indian Standard
Compressive strength of concrete cube
03 Nos of cube
01 Day
IS 516
Compressive strength by accelerated curing only
03 Nos of cube
02 Days
IS 516
Compressive strength of mortar cube
03 Nos of cube
01 Day
IS 516
Flexural Strength of Beam
03 Nos of Beam
01 Day
IS 516
Compressive strength of concrete by Cylinders
03 Nos of Cylinder
01 Day
IS 516
Compressive Strength of concrete by core (including preparation, Capping and cutting drilling) up to 100 mm dia
Note: Transportation extra as per actual and Generator Charges Extra Rs. 2000/- (If Required) min 03 core
01 Nos of core
05 Days
IS 516

Some Of Our Testing Instruments